Structure Engineers Sponsor The Kangaroo Point Rovers FC

By February 17, 2017General

Structure Engineers Kangaroo Point Rovers FC

Structure Engineers are proud to announce our sponsorship of the Kangaroo Point Rovers Football Club for 2017.

Kangaroo Point Rovers is one of the Brisbane CBD football clubs. They consist of four teams – Capital 4, Under 20’s, Women’s and City League.

The team is a reincarnation of one of Queensland’s oldest clubs, the Pineapple Rovers, which formed in the late 1880s. After wins in 2013 and 2014, the team now have a five-year plan to restore the team to the former glory days.

Here at Structure Engineering, we believe supporting a community sports team is a great investment in the future. Kangaroo Point Rovers is a great example of a club that values the community. Kangaroo Point Rovers has worked hard to create a culture of not only success but team spirit. As a result, they have created an appeal in the wider community, which has seen a diverse and multicultural club be created. Kangaroo Point Rovers have had players from over 15 countries represent the club over the years, with that number continuing to grow.

We believe success starts at the grassroots level, and this is why investing in community clubs is so important.

As Green sponsors, Structure Engineers will appear on the sleeve of Kangaroo Point Rovers’ Capital league playing shirts for 2017.

Structure Engineering looks forward to building a successful partnership with the Kangaroo Point Rovers. We will enjoy watching the five-year plan unfold and wish the Kangaroo Point Rovers success in the 2017 season.

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