1007 Stanley Street Structural Design

By December 7, 2017Engineering, Structural Design

1007 Stanley Street

Structure Engineers is happy to announce the recent completion of all structural works at 1007 Stanley St.

1007 Stanley Street is a two-storey commercial site. Architecturally designed for a cafe to the ground floor and a small office in the first floor.
Structure engineers worked closely alongside Hospitality Design & Construct (HDC) throughout each stage of the structural design.
Below is a brief outline of the project and some key considerations that came into play.

House Relocation and Foundation Works

The site originally had a house structure towards the centre of the plot. The first stage of the project involved raise and relocation of the existing house.
At Structure, we are regularly engaged in the design of house raises and this stage of the work was completed without issue.

Following a geotechnical investigation, it was found the site soils were of a poor quality
and compacted fill was brought to site to act as the base for the structures foundation’s.
Structure Engineers design the retention system for the site. Picture below is the site just
after completing the retention and site fill works. With the house raise and relocation
pictured behind the site.





Build Over Sewer

The final hurdle before construction could commence was a very large, 1.6m diameter sewer main directly across the front of the site.
Closely following guidelines set out by Brisbane City Council, Structure designed a screw pier and ground beam footing system.
The steel work in the foundation system is well beyond what is usually required. This design ensures the structure would not cause any additional loading
to the sewer main.












Finishing the Design

Once the foundation design was finalised remaining construction was completed on time and without issue. Additional construction stages pictured below.

Block Wall to Support Reinforced Slab Above

First Floor Reinforced Slab

Timber Framed Roofing